Maximize My Sale!

Are you thinking about selling your home but don’t really know the best way to start?

Remember when you were looking at homes – some ‘looked’ better than others – not just how clean they were, but you had a sense that they were well maintained.  These homes typically sell quicker and for more money than their competition.

Most people will do the ‘usual’ make ready tasks to get their home ready to go on the market – clean, maybe some fresh paint, de-clutter, etc. But what about the things that can cost you THOUSANDS of dollars or a lost deal from something that you didn’t even know about?

Let’s look at what typically happens:  You get the home ready, set a price, take pictures, market the home and let’s say you get an acceptable offer – great!

Remember the Home Inspection and the option period?  That 5-14 day nail-biting period when the buyers do their due diligence to check everything out and have the option to walk away for a few hundred dollars – OR come back with a list of long list of items to fix OR ‘renegotiate‘ the offer for less money based on the findings on the inspection report?  Nothing can be more frustrating!

Before you do anything, you need to speak with Chip Irving with the Irving Realty Group.  Chip is a Certified Master Home Inspector and has helped thousands of clients across DFW through the home inspection process.  He has taken his years of experience and expertise to help his clients avoid the pitfalls that can cost them thousands of dollars and time on the market.

Whether you purchased your home 2, 10 or 30 years ago, there are some maintenance items you’ve been meaning to get to and likely some issues you don’t even know about…

Whether you want to try and sell the home yourself, go the traditional route, or try an iBuyer cash program, you need to call Chip first! 

Not ready to sell? That’s fine too! It’s better to be prepared when the time does come and you can get the repairs done in your time, with the people you know and trust.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Home Maintenance Check-up
    • A visual walk-thru noting items requiring maintenance
    • A way to keep little problems from turning into BIG problems
  • Provide a list of contractors to tackle the repairs
  • Consultation services for remodeling/updates
  • Pre-Listing inspection services with our trusted affiliates
  • Neighborhood market analysis
  • Property tax assessment protest
  • Real estate sales – Maximize My Sale!
    • Home sale option consultations
      • Traditional, FSBO, iBuyer(cash)
      • Pre-listing strategies
      • Marketing/Negotiation
    • Purchase counseling

As a licensed RealtorⓇ and former Certified Master InspectorⓇ, Chip has the unique experience that sets him apart from most agents.  Seeing a home as one your largest investments, his experience and guidance through the maintenance, sale or purchase of a home gives his clients piece of mind and maximizes their return.

Call Chip today at 972-363-3770 or fill out the form on this page that says “Get in touch” to get started!